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Lotte van der Kamp


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The Escape Velocity Collection is a platform on which 5 of my friends and I review Fantasy and Science Fiction media.

The Collection refers to the curated collection we are creating. This offers the visitor works of fiction that we think represent the best the genres have to offer.

We also review works we don’t consider to be the best. Here, we try to review works that multiple people have seen, so that we can offer different perspectives. After all, something I like may not be something someone else likes. This way, a visitor can find the “Curator” they align with, and be sure to pay the most attention to their review.

Finally, we try to occasionally post what we refer to as “medium form” content: recommendations, articles and listicles about things in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.

For the Escape Velocity Collection, I do:

Graphic Design

All Graphic Design on the website is my work.


I am a contributor, writing reviews, listicles, articles and Longform content.

Web Design

I built the website from scratch using WordPress and Elementor Pro

Social Media Management

I created our Instagram templates, manage our link in bio, and manage the social media for all of my own posts.

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