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Lotte van der Kamp



Rose printed linen wrap top.

Made in June 2022


Skirt made in June 2022

Waistcoat Made in April 2022


Made in April 2022



I was inspired to make this dress after seeing a girl on Instagram wearing this Angelic Pretty Dress. I figured it was a pretty simple design that I should easily be able to replicate myself. So I did.

I made this dress out of red and white gingham cotton, and made the skirt a little longer than the original. The back has an (almost) invisible zipper.

I originally intended to create a little white bow belt, but I ended up leaving it out because it looked better without the belt.

This dress has two huge pockets in the skirt, big enough to fit a large bag of candy.


I bought 10 meters of this blue linnen viscose fabric because I like the way light blue looks on me and this is a lovely fabric for summer.

This dress was a bit of a struggle as I originally wanted it to have a peter pan collar. When I made it, however, it looked really bad. I ended up cutting the collar off and making it a square neckline.

There’s a couple of things I don’t love about this but at the end of the day I do love it and if I saw a character wearing it in a movie I would want to have it.

Made in March 2022

Linen/Viscose Blend

Made in Autumn 2021



For Autumn I wanted to make a dress that really screams Halloween, but like, quietly. I designed this dress to have a collar with a bat wing edge.

This dress was very experimental, and I’m thrilled with how it came out considering that I mostly just improvised.

I made the bat belt a couple of weeks after finishing the dress, and I really think it adds a lot to the dress. Also, it’s just really, really cute.

This dress was inspired by the dresses from the brand I Do Declare. I wanted to make something a little witchy. It ended up looking Very Witchy.

This dress did not originally have pockets. I’ve never really had pockets in my clothes so I assumed I wouldn’t miss them. However, once I started putting pockets into all the new dresses that I made, I did find I missed them in this one.

I ended up putting a pocket into the side of the skirt, but kept it to just the one because this dress doesn’t have side seams. Putting in a pocket requires a bit more work when you can’t just insert it into a seam, so I decided one pocket was enough.

Made in Summer 2021

I’ve never had a nice raincoat. When I was small, we always used to have those thin rain jackets you wear over you normal coat. As a student, I realised rain coats are expensive and I never bothered to invest in one.

In 2019, I was finally ready to do so, only to realise that raincoats don’t tend to get made in the style that I like. I wear a lot of big skirts, so I need a coat with enough space in the skirt to support that.

Frankly, this coat was an absolute hack job. I’m still a little baffled that it turned out as well as it did. Somehow, it is still the item I get the most compliments on from strangers.

I’m not sure I would make a raincoat myself again, as I’ve recently been seeing more vintage style raincoats that would fit my skirts in webshops. Making raincoats is kind of stressful, and it’s expensive.

Made in May 2019
Raincoat fabric?

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