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Lotte van der Kamp

The Escape Velocity Collection

The Escape Velocity Collection is a platform where I and five others review Science Fiction and Fantasy Media, as well as curate a Collection of what we consider to be the best the genre has to offer.

Phreia: the Comic

My Pandemic Project was a comic about my Dungeons and Dragons character Phreia. I got about 40 pages in before losing interest for a year. I have since completely (re-)written the outline and redesigned the characters.

I hope to be able to start releasing the comic online before the end of the year.

Digital Art

I've been drawing digital art for over ten years. 

Sewing Projects

I spend a lot of time sewing my own clothes. I've reached the point where I can build entire outfits just out of things I've made myself.




I am a (comic) Artist, Seamstress and designer of self-drafted clothing. I also review Fantasy and Science Fiction media for the Escape Velocity Collection.

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